Hop in ~ we're going for a ride!

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We are going for a ride all right - the ride of our lives!  So far it's been a roller coaster - ups and downs - but something we will look back on with fond memories!  We have been working our tails off trying to get things up and running!  Thank you to all of our customers who have supported this adventure!  We love getting to know you through e-mails, messages and some of you even in person!  

We are so excited about some of our new products!  We have more Judy Blue jeans on the way - you are going to LOVE them!  Quite possibly the most comfortable trendy jeans ever!  We have more graphic tees coming for the holidays!  We have placed a huge order for ponchos, kimonos and scarves ~ lots of plaid and buffalo print ~ we are so excited to show you everything!

Please help us spread the word- follow us on facebook @poppylaneplusboutique and on instagram @poppylaneplus - the more the merrier!  

Thank you so much!  We love our Poppy Lane girls!

xoxox  Mindy & Amy


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