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How many times have you stood in front of your closet just staring and no matter how long you stand there absolutely nothing seems to jump out at you?  That is the very reason every girl needs a few essential pieces each season.  Your "go to closet must haves"!  I have spent hours and hours pouring over vendor sites trying to pick out the perfect pieces for this fall at Poppy Lane Boutique.  This is what I have learned.   Here is a list of 5 things that I think will help you over the "what in the world am I going to wear to today" dilemma this fall. 

 1 - A great pair of jeans - of course I will rant and rave over my favorite Judy Blue jeans!  Boyfriend, relaxed or skinny it doesn't really matter as long as they fit well and you feel good in them!  I love the relaxed, distressed jeans!  Trust me - you can't beat a good pair of stretchy jeans!


2 - A PONCHO - yes I said A PONCHO!!!  It doesn't matter whether you call it a poncho, a ruana or a wrap - you've gotta have one.  Flattering, comfortable and versatile, this is the rare piece you can wear lounging around the house, in the office or on date night. Pull it on over your favorite loungewear for a cup of tea, sling it over your desk chair for when the heats not working or style it with booties, skinny jeans and a simple solid color shirt. 


3 - Speaking of a solid color shirt - yep - you need one of them too!  With all of the awesome printed kimonos, scarves and ponchos - you're gonna need a good ivory or black solid to go with everything!  Got ahead and splurge on getting a new one - I know the one you had from last year is all balled up (it happens) - toss it into the giveaway pile and get you a new one!  Our dolman sleeve ivory shirt is the bomb diggity!


4 - Next is a long cardigan!  Never had one?  Here are a couple of reasons you should get one (solid color or designed either one).  A long cardigan can be very slimming.  They are perfect for traveling.  They give your outfit more presence.  They are a great way to wear sleeveless tops all winter long.  They are warm and cozy.  Okay - are you convinced?  Seriously a must have!



5 - Natural Earrings.  Unique and distinctive jewelry is always a great way to finish your fashion vibe!  This fall wooden and leather earrings are a great choice!  Both comfortable and lightweight.


Well - there you have it!  5 Essentials for this fall!  Let's go shopping!  


We love our Poppy Lane girls! 


Amy & Mindy


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