Spring and Summer Fashion Trends - Part Two

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Let me start off saying THANK YOU to everyone for all of your support this week!  We are so thankful for each and every one of you.  We have been waiting a LONG time to finally open up the store, but it is officially open!  It has been awesome getting to meet some of you, and we are looking forward to making many new friends!

So, how many of you went and checked out your closet for some retro pieces?  Did you find some things that will be right on trend this season or do you still need help?  We have plenty of new options at the store and online so be sure to check them out!  

But I realize that some of you probably aren't fans of the retro trend.  GOOD NEWS!  I think that trend #2 may be right up your alley!  Drumroll please......trend # 2 is.......


You might say "Polka Dots? That's hardly groundbreaking." While it is true that this pattern, much like leopard print, has become a staple in our closet, there are so many options for types and colors.  Polka dots don't have to be just black and white - you can mix up the colors and patterns.  Think about shirts that mix florals with polka dots - a super fun way to change up the look.  Simply put, this trend shows no signs of slowing down so make sure you hop on board!  Not brave enough for polka dots pants?  Try adding the trend in your jewelry or on a scarf tied to your purse.  This is a classic look and most likely you have something already that has polka dots.  If not, we have a few pieces that you will LOVE!  To quote Marc Jacobs "There is never a wrong time for a polka dot."

If you are still feeling like you are on unchartered waters, we would love to help you!  Come and visit us in the store or send us a message with what you are looking for or what you need help with!  Shopping is so much more fun with a friend!

"You can't have a bad day in polka dots." - Anna Kendrick

Grab some polka dots this week and stay tuned for next week's Trend #3!







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