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And so it all begins - opening a plus size boutique.  A dream come true.  One of the scariest adventures of our lives.  How can they be one in the same?  Blogging?  What is that?  So many things to learn.  So bear with us as we wade through these new waters - here's hoping we are surfing the tide in no time! 

Ever go out for a shopping adventure with the girls?  If so, I'm sure sometime during the outing you will end up at a cutsie little boutique with the most adorable clothes.  It would be so fun to try on some of the latest fashion trends but you get to hold the hangers as your twiggy friends buy 3 new outfits each.  You've got curves!  Boutique clothes just don't fit!  You keep hearing "if you've got it, flaunt it" BUT reality is plus size boutique clothes are hard to find!  How are you supposed to "flaunt it" if you can't find anything worth flaunting!  Story of our lives.

About 5 years ago my sister-in-law opened a boutique in our small town America.  She has been begging me & my sister Mindy to consider opening a plus size boutique because she has people come in all the time asking for something in their size.  Well ... a dream was born.   Please follow us on this adventure - we promise to bring you fun, trendy, unique clothes that fit!  Shop

This cute little outfit starts with our camo tee

add in the mineral wash fringe bottom jean leggings

top it off with the snap front cardigan

and don't forget the bling! 





Amy (I'm the short one) & Mindy



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